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Grayhurst Consulting

This is the professional website of Joe Pearson.


I provide consultancy services in IT service management (ITSM).

I am an ITIL v3 Expert, with many years experience advising and supporting organisations both large and small in a range of industries and in multiple countries, primarily Finland and the UK, and formerly South Africa.


I typically engage with clients in:

Contracting on a daily basis is also possible. Whatever the structure, the first step can be a simple roadmap workshop or brief assessment.


ITSM capability is perhaps best understood as an interaction of processes, people, information and tools, in support of services rendered to clients.

Of these areas, my greatest focus in process optimisation and management - and supporting information - especially service catalogue development. I'm a generalist with regard to tools, rather than specialising in any particular suite.

But it's vital that all the areas of ITSM capability are addressed and aligned. Addressing individual components in isolation will not lead to success.

I have more discussion of the areas of ITSM at my blog, Deconstructing ITSM.

If you believe better IT service management can improve the value of IT in your company, please contact me to talk.


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